Real Brides & BTS

Congratulations to this beautiful Mama _asha_crawf9  who married over the weekend in her Berlin gown

This next level 🙌🏼 Australian Bride, lives in London, purchased her _V E N I C E  Gown from _haloa

Reminiscing over last years Tuscan dream 💕 shot by _tupouphotography styled by _theweddingboutiquei

Ok one more.

Happy Lovers Day, Loverrrrs. Pic by _oliviaandthyme of our sultry silk separates 💕RG _thewhite

This is not Spin. My brides mean everything to me.. as do my boutique owners

When you are scrolling through Insta and spot your hottie bride _claireworswick all the way over in

Still drooling over this little doozy..._The wonderful team on this shoot _Photography _oliviaandthy

Prepare to be spammed! The immaculate Christina in the iconic B E R L I N gown.. This gown is pure l

Actual image of me in my natural habitat  #imtheonewithclotheson ✨ 📸 _biancavirtue 🧜🏼‍♀️ _marijan

Celebrating Australia Day enjoying the beautiful _saramorbs pictures by _katepardeyweddings capturin

R O M Y from the new M O N U M E N T S Collection

O B S E S S E D ! Our stunning Milan Gown zz Beaded Lace working her magic on a Blanc canvas Info_ma

No biggie. Just the world 🔥🔥 booty in one of my 🔥🔥 hottest gowns

And this...._The wonderful team on this shoot _Photography _oliviaandthyme_Couple _tarrah

New Sample Coming soon _ _M O N U M E N T S by Marquise

We need to talk.

S U N D A Y S are for S N I P P E T S... of The Alchemist gown from the Monuments by M collection..

Let me tell you something #psa If this is how 2018 is starting, it’s going to be a good year ⚡️ #Rep

_marquisebridal Ma’Parisienne Gown featured In _taniamaras_ campaign ・・・_A hedge maze to get lost in

A R L O Details on _stephkorevaar gown photo _jackrabbitweddings

Just one of many beautiful _marquisebridal brides this year. Stunning _hollykintscher in her Ingenue

Can not WAIT to see the pictures from _krittabug2 wedding on the weekend in her _marquisebridal Anja

This next level 🙌🏼 Australian Bride, lives in London, purchased her _V E N I C E  Gown from _haloa

How many is “too many” when it comes to posting pictures of your brides_..

Our superstar V e n i c e Gown looking all sorts of sultry romance on _romyvandelaar repost _sophjth

How amazing is the crepe on our Soho  gown ✨✨_#Repost _jessicaliebregtsphotography_・・・_Strolling thr

S T U N N I N G Bride _hollykintscher in her _marquisebridal Ingenue gown #hotbride #melbournedesign

_jojolovespurple look at you! Oh and your handsome AF Husband .. congratulations gorgeous xx Custom

BTS today of Venice on the stunning _romyvandelaar for _taniamarasbridal with _lovefindco _sophjthom

B R E A T H T A K I N G ✨#Repost _blackbirdtale__・・・_Introducing Mr & Mrs Murphy! _Saturday was an a

M O R O C C O on the beautiful Jemma _haloandwrenbridal Happy Sunday ✌🏼

Flashback to when this beauty got married in her custom designed skirt, with pockets, and hand appli

Heavy Metals 🤘🏽🤘🏽 #Repost _zoandwillowbridal_・・・_Sculptural rings like these! So cool! By _arian

Stunning _shellyvenn_ in her _marquisebridal gown from _bohemianbrides #magic ✨✨✨

Happy Wife _ Happy Life ✨ this is one lucky groom xx Thanks for the pictures _sarahbellburchphotogra

Gorgeous Sam, the definition of radiant bride ✨ in her Anja ✨✨ #Repost _hopexpage_・・・_Gorgeous Sam ✨

It’s been almost a year since this monumentally popular wedding post of Brittany on her _Marquisebri

T H I S is what I L I V E for! _A great shot of  _jam_demartini in her AMAZING dress last weekend! �

A little somethin’ somethin’ that happened yesterday ✨ sneak peak of a beautifully curated shoot fea

This is life ✨✨ Custom bride _jojolovespurple looking magical eeeek__#Repost _jojolovespurple_・・・_Ev

Stunning image of our La'Parisienne shot in the _taniamarasbridal campaign ✨

#Repost _hopexpage_・・・_This girl ✨ Haylee you slice of heaven you _strawberryfieldsphotography #hope

Amazing shot of our A R L O dress from _soho_bride #Repost _charlesrosejewellers_・・・_Our stunning je

#STOCKISTSELFIE The super 🔥Jemma _haloandwrenbridal in her _marquisebridal Soho gown ✨✨

L A U R E N T gown from The Nouveau Romantics Collection spotted _la_bespoke ・・・_M A R Q U I S E  B

F E A T U R E D P O S T _lovefindco _Showcasing The Nouveau Romantics Collection

Candlelit nights via _harperandharley

Ah-amazing shot of our La'Parisienne from_our stockist _hopexpage for the new amazing _taniamarasbri

Umm yeah hello _haylee_davies you couldn't possibly be anymore beautiful! _hopexpage bride in _marqu

This image from _hopexpage of our La'Parisienne gown never gets old

La'Parisienne looking la'amazing _hopexpage with _thefuture_mrs _thedailytelegraph _hellomaymagazine

The very essence of _marquisebridal right here with a little bit of leg action and whole lotta sexy

Epic pic by _vargamurphy of epic bride Katie in her silk Silk can bodysuit and customised Silk Selen

Stunning shot of _mandy_gardiner01 in her customised Monaco top and Selena skirt captured by _keeper

Can we just take minute to admire the BERLIN looking right at home _hopexpage_・・・_Another _marquiseb

La'Parisienne gown looking heavenly #Repost _hopexpage ・・・_Those _marquisebridal beauties just keep

_vargamurphy obsessed with your pics of Katie in her MB separates.jpgPlease check our website for st


Epic pic by _vargamurphy of epic bride Katie in her silk Silk can bodysuit and customised Silk Selen

B E R L I N gown ✨✨shot by __alibailey collab _wanderlust_creative _allirataylor_makeup

In a word - INUNDATED. Such an overwhelming response to the video posted last night of a BTS video o

Patience isn't my strong point. I am the first to admit

✨Beautiful Claire ✨___karynpickering_・・・_Holding on for dear life! Jewish weddings are the best 😍 #

Just received the photos of _the_babymaker wedding, photographed by _aimeejonesphoto ..

Sneaky iPhone snap of CAIRO while waiting to shoot

_the_babymaker looking ethereal in her Jocelyn Skirt and Jocelyn beaded bodysuit

I have been dying to share this customa _marquisebridal dress. Brittany is an exceptional human soul

Yah so this is what I live for ✌🏽️when my brides get their photos and send me pics like this! How a

That low back tho 💅🏽 this bride _katie_franklyn reminded me of my tribe back home - not just becau

Miss that laugh _katie_franklyn ! Looking ✨✨

When I am designing new gowns in the studio and going through them with my team there is a little jo

Great picture of my beautiful bride Mandy in her Monaco top and Selena skirt xx photog _keepercreati

_flossy_photographer you are seriously talented and I have developed a #girlcrush on you

D Y I N G _flossy_photographer

I opened up _flossy_photographer blog on _bobbylou wedding while _enjoying_ some rosé on my couch an

Can't. Get

If you happen to be in the U.jpgK.jpg Pick up a copy of luxury brand magazine _house_of_coco Issue 8

It's been a very big year for me this year and I cannot, CANNOT, think of a bettter way to (almost)

Umm excuse me _bobbylou _flossy_photographer can ya'll just warn me before you post all this hotness

Ahh my beautiful Bronwyn Repost _flossy_photographer with _repostapp_・・・_Bronwyn demonstrating the e

These are the pics that mean the most to me - happy brides in their _marquisebridal gowns

We are equally excited to see our gowns on your beautiful brides! #Repost _tmodernbride with _repost

If this doesn't say _marquisebridal Bride then I don't know what does! The fabulous _laramckimmie ro

How beautiful is this shot by _keepercreative of my beautiful bride _mandy_gardiner01 in her Selena

One more because #stunning #coolbride xx

There's been a popular revival this wedding season of this beauty MISHA from last years Custom Colle



S T U N N I N G image of our Silk Tee #Repost _hopexpage with _repostapp_・・・_Oh bloom

How FREAKIN H O T is my beautifully bride Claire who married in her Silk Camisole Bodysuit on the we

Luxe Silk Tee and Selena Skirt looking all #coolbride over there #Repost _hopexpage with _repostapp_

That back tho 💅🏼 - gahhh this is just stunning

OMG this just in_ my beautiful _bobbylou who married on Friday in this stunning shot by _flossy_phot

#holysmokes yourself _hopexpage How _I N S A N E is our new E D E N bodysuit available NOW _hopexpag

New M O R O C C O corset standing proud on the left  _hopexpage with #squadgoals #dotheytalkwhenitsc

New Branding #gold #likemypersonality 💅🏼 #Felicia #holycowitsdecember

So pleased to announce 📢📢 - Our Newest Stockist  _haloandwrenbridal ・・・_Jocelyn Bodysuit by _marqu

Babe alert _the_babymaker Melanie in her Jocelyn bodysuit and Jocelyn Skirt ! Congrats you gorgeous

I can't get enough of this wedding! Thankyou _keepercreative for the gorgeous pics of _mandy_buckley

Cant wait for all the shots from this amazing shoot with a long list of A-MAZING Perth creatives! xx

Counting myself lucky that I get to work with beautiful  souls like this one for a living! Congrats

Such a gorgeous photo of our sultry R Y D E R gown _soho_bride hanging loud and proud with a stunnin

Stunning shot of our Selena silk skirt paired with our Luxury Monique tee featured on _greenweddings

Hottie bride - Hottie _bohemianbrides Top - and extra Hottie Jocelyn Skirt - both are available at _

Stunning shot of our Selena silk skirt paired with our Luxury Monique tee featured on _greenweddings

o _the__brides__mane and of cou

Lovers 💕

When your brides are this beautiful inside and out, its hard not to love what you do! _mandy_buckley

Still swooning over this bride and her wedding pics _keets____ _bohemianbrides info_Marquisebridal.c

Sydney brides our beautiful L O L A gown is available _hopexpage from next week!! Pssst so is our Se

Mid week fittings in our I L L U M I N A T I gown x x

S T U N N ING way to end the week with this shot of our Jocelyn bodysuit paired with our Selena skir

If you have a spare 2 mins there is a little online interview with me for Luxury UK mag _house_of_co

Throwback to when we bought sexy back


Jocelyn Bodysuit and skirt currently on tour _thewhiteroommpls

It's not Thursday but imma throw it back anyway.

Laura + Marley 💙

My beautiful Perth bride Laura who married her man Marley over the weekend.

No words 🙌🏼 #Repost _jashanphototography with _repostapp_・・・_Here is a sneak peak from our styled

Stick a fork in me I'm done 🙌🏼 the talents people _wildheartedandhitched teamed up with our Qld st

Our little showstopper the Jocelyn Bodysuit _#Repost _erica_wheadon with _repostapp_・・・_“J'ai toujou

Congratulations to my beautiful bride Alana who married in Melbourne over the weekend .

Can you believe it's nearly October already! Going to be a fantastic month for _marquisebridal #Repo

Love me a good BTS shot .

#Repost _thebridesblog with _repostapp_・・・_Off shoulder lace😻😻 _marquisebridal I love this dress!!

There are worse ways to wake up on a Monday than to see this stunning image of our Jocelyn Bodysuit

This little off the shoulder number is about to go global

I L L U M I N A T I Gown _Available now at

Gearing up for the current wedding season and I can't help but get giddy when I think of this little

A R L O Gown is fully beaded and not for the faint heart hearted with its plunging neckline double s

Our _marquisebridal bodysuits are becoming cult favs ! Currently on tour _soho_bride until next Frid

#windowselfie V E R Y excited for our first day day of MB X Pop-UP! _Appointment only - info_Marquis

Love me some L O L A  Lacey hips

MELBOURNE BRIDES - We are fully booked this weekend but have limited spots available for next weeken

I would have to say that waking up on a Sunday to an inbox full of photos from a beautiful bride is

This is just too much beauty in one pic xx

I N G É N U E is available for viewing on our brand new, shiny website.jpg.jpg Along with our whole

R Y D E R Gown available now

A R L O gown is fully beaded from shoulder to toes

A R L O - My favourite gown from yesterday's shoot

Shout out to this extraordinary team of creatives xx #ATeam__#Repost _wanderlust_creative with _repo

Train for dayssss TB #Repost _jannette

Details to die for

A little back shot of our  I L L U M I N A T I gown for your humpday morning - New collection & New

BTS __alibailey shoring the smoking hot _sheridanseekamp with some magic from _wanderlust_creative _

Yah - so I don't want to brag or anything, but my brides are pretty 🔥__Oh yeah and our Signature me

Divine Magic ✨___alibailey __wanderlust_creative __allirataylor_makeup __thewhitefiles __lulu_bird0

Melbourne brides we are taking September appointments - limited spots left

Last one.

This lace never gets old

A little Something we were thrilled to be a part of over the weekend !! Check out our beaded French

New lace alert 📣 Perth and Melbourne brides have you made your Spring appointment_ Info_marquisebri

CONGRATULATIONS to my beautiful , inside and out, bride _claudia_diaz who married in Madrid yesterda

So incredibly proud to see this beautiful Marquise Bridal gown, on the equally beautiful bride Kate,

The magnificent Kate captured by the equally magnificent _cortaknee in her custom Marquise Bridal cr

_sigh_ still reminiscing over this gown - is it wedding season yet_! #laceaddict #lowback #marquiseb

So incredibly proud to see this beautiful Marquise Bridal gown, on the equally beautiful bride Kate,

Congratulations to my stunning bride who married last weekend in her custom made Marquise Bridal gow

_kate_viv you little minx in your Marquise gown xx pic_ _cortaknee _#Repost _cortaknee with _reposta

So thrilled to share this picture from my gorgeous Denver, USA bride who married in her Jocelyn body

Congratulations to our beautiful L.A bride Lauren who married earlier this month. L

Gorgeous February bride in Liquid luxe Silk + French Beaded lace C U S T O M I S E your Marquise Bri

This stunning bride was married in in her custom made French beaded lace crop in our Selena silk ski

Such a beautiful pic of the beautiful Elyse 💕 in her Selena Silk Separates and Hallie lace crop. im

Beautiful shot of Elyse and her new Husband yesterday  from _benandebony Photography xx

One of my STUNNING brides from yesterday xx Was so lovely working with this girl 💕 Elyse is in our

M A G I C ✨ _benandebony _elysedart _cat_elizabeth_artistry

C U S T O M MARQUISE _Looking forward to sharing this for hours brides' pictures

My gorgeous Stacie in her custom gown yesterday with her Father

Sunday's are for lovers ❤️. Another fantastic shot of last weeks Marquise bride Stacie in her custom

So gorgeous I got double vision. This picture was taken at the halfway point of a very special clien

From the front ..

_allirataylor_makeup working her magic during the _thewhitefiles shoot . Lace crop and skirt now ava

#Repost _jeanettemaree with _repostapp

#Repost _lovestoned__ with _repostapp._・・・_Open back tops.... High waisted skirts.... We love seeing

Our popular Carla gown  _sophiepetalouise __alibailey _wanderlust_creative _allirataylor_makeup _the

Remembering that time _thebridalco caught me sleeping on the job at New York Fashion week 🙈__Can't

No filter..

Riveting conversation 👌👯 #theweddingnetwork

Summer 2016 collect

Love your work  _katedrennanphotography with _repostapp

_Everything little thing she does is magic_✨🎶 tap for tags xx

This girl tho, she be magic ✨#Perthbride #bohobride x

Our new Parisian lace = luxe boho bride 🙌🏼

Last minute early a


_wanderlust_creative doing her thing _sophiepetalouise _thewhitefiles

A little BTS on set with _allirataylor_makeup _sophiepetalouise for our _thewhitefiles shoot wearing

• D I V I N E • Gorgeous bride Jannette married in her Marquise Bridal Atelier gown this week, and i

You can try both of these pieces at the _weddingtonway #lovepopshop this weekend in West Hollywood!